Strategy Development

Realistic and results-driven strategy not only increases your strategic focus, but gains buy in from all those that work daily to drive it throughout the organization. At Goodnight & Associates we become your partner in creating a strategy that all departments use as a driver to their success and become a team member in tracking goals and carrying out your team's objectives.  We do this by partnering with your leadership team in developing a strategy that is flexible, sophisticated, and transparent. We also take the time to teach your leaders to drive strategic planning into every part of your organization so that all your people have a clear vision on the why, where, and how your strategic goals and objectives. 

We don't stop at strategy. We believe strategy and development should be aligned and working together. Your leaders will not only learn to build strategy, participate in strategic discussion, and create a process that works; they will learn valuable leadership skills that will take them good leaders, to great. They will have the tools in place to recognize opportunity, give valuable feedback, and create relationships that empower, motivate, and inspire your workforce and future leaders. 

We provide several solutions for

strategic planning including:

  • Two Day Executive Strategic Planning Retreats 

  • Leadership Zoo-Mazing Race or Team Scavenger Strategy Development 

  • Strategic Focus Monthly  Leadership Meetings

  • Strategic Planning Process Creation 

  • Strategic Scorecards


Strategy isn't just about meeting goals, it is the foundation of success for the future of the people you serve. It is up to your leaders to build a legacy that positively impacts generations of citizens, employees, communities, and leaders. Your leaders are the catalyst for a bright future. 

"Dr. Karen Goodnight is passionate about people and has a magical touch when it comes to rapidly transforming leaders and organizations to improve their results. Her commitment to positive change for her clients is only equated in the skillful and caring way she delivers it. Most of all, she is a leader of integrity and truly walks her talk when it comes to her message. Karen is the type of leader we need to develop more of in this world and fortunately, she is in the business of just doing that!" - D.J. Eagle Bear Vanas, President of Native Discovery Inc. and Author of The Tiny Warrior.

"Karen's professionalism and abilities are of the highest caliber and you can expect a quality return on your investment. What has impressed me the most is her ability to relate to Tribal issues, both from a cultural and business perspective. She remains committed to following up on ensuring you are getting your money's worth. I'd hire her again, if and when, we need the type of assistance and service she provides... - " Mike Olguin, Vice Chairman of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. 

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